A room or apartment in a A private repository of money; a treasury. A compartment; a hollow or cavity.
@ judges chambers
The private room or office of a judge; any place in which a judge hears motions, signs papers, or does other business pertaining to his office, when he is not holding a session of court. Business so transacted is said to be done "in chambers."
Legislative body. The lower chamber of a bicameral legislature is normally the larger of the two (e.g. House of Representatives). The upper chamber is generally the smaller (e.g. Senate)
@ chamber business
A term applied to all such judicial business as may properly be transacted by a judge at his chambers or elsewhere, as distinguished from such as must be done by the court in session
@ chamber of accounts
A sovereign court, of great antiquity, in France, which took cognizance of and registered the accounts of the king's revenue; nearly the same as the English court of exchequer
@ chamber of commerce
A board or association of businessmen and merchants organized to promote the commercial interests of a locality, county, or the like, or a society of a city who meet to promote the general trade and commerce of the locality.
Chambers of commerce exist in most cities, and are loosely affiliated with the national organization of the same name. Particular trades may also have their own organizations or boards to promote the interests of their own trade. Organizations with functions similar to that of chambers of commerce may be known under various other names; e.g. Board of Trade
@ chamber, widow's
@ widow's chamber
In old English law, a portion of the effects of a deceased person, reserved for the use of his widow, and consisting of her apparel, and the furniture of her bed-chamber. This custom in London of reserving her apparel and furniture for the widow of a freeman was abolished by 19 & 20 Viet., c. 94

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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